The firm represents and accompanies private persons and business entities in real estate transactions, such as: sell of apartments/plots/buildings/leasing/ combination transactions/ entrepreneurships etc.

The lawyers accompany the clients through the voyage of purchasing/selling of property, including providing tax consultation.

Our firm has in-depth experience in various aspects of urban and agricultural real estate.

We deal with complex transactions that require high expertise and strong relations with the government, and provide, when necessary litigation assistance.

The firm has experience in representation of contractors and entrepreneurs providing each and every client his own tailor made assistance..

In addition, our office specializes in the agriculture field, in purchasing/selling of farms, and provides assistance in matters concerning attribution in Kibbutz.

Sherf, Elkayam & Co. - Law Office, Tuval 11 st. (Laz-rom house), Ramat-Gan, 52522, Tel: 03-6122772, Fax: 03-612277,