Sharf Elkayam & co. law office has gained valid and varied expertise over years of practice in litigation and consulting aspects, related to local authorities, such as: Arnona, various local tax matters, education, tenders, planning & construction, infrastructures, and contracts with various services suppliers.

The local authorities department has gained wide experience and expertise in various tax aspects, including Arnona, parking, water and sewage fees, development & infrastructures tolls etc, and has achieved significant results for the firms’ clients in reducing of taxes and tolls.

our litigation department (representation in courts and other formal authorities) conduct legal proceedings in all legal instances in the matter of local authorities, in various matters such as proceedings concerning decreasing of property value due to local master plans, local tax, tenders, expropriations, administrative petitions etc.

The firm has tight relationships with various professional experts, include investigators, appraisers and surveyors.

Sherf, Elkayam & Co. - Law Office, Tuval 11 st. (Laz-rom house), Ramat-Gan, 52522, Tel: 03-6122772, Fax: 03-612277,